BED 4 Year Course Closed Notice: Now 4 year B.Ed course will be closed, what will happen to 2 year B.Ed.

Now the 4-year integrated B.Ed course will be closed in the country. The notice has been released by NCTE on the official website. According to this, it has been announced to close the old 4-year B.Ed courses (BA B.Ed and B.Sc B.Ed). The old 4-year Integrated B.Ed course will be closed from the academic session 2025-26. The session of 2024-25 will be the last session of the old 4-year B.Ed course. After this there will be no new admissions. Now ITEP (Integrated Teacher Education Programme) program will be conducted in place of 4-year integrated B.Ed course. The direct link to download the official notice issued by NCTE on 5 February 2024 has been provided below.

BED 4 Year Course Closed Notice

According to NCTE, the recognition of the institutes which are already offering 4-year integrated B.Sc. B.Ed and BA B.Ed courses will continue. At present, they will be allowed not to admit students till 2025 subject to the condition that they will convert to the new integrated B.Ed course ITEP as per the amended regulations before the beginning of the academic session 2025-26. Any institute running the old four-year integrated B.Ed course will not be allowed for new admissions from the session 2025-26.

What will happen to 2 year B.Ed course?

At present, nothing has been said in the notice issued by NCTE regarding closure of 2 year B.Ed course. In the current notice there is no news regarding closure of 2 year B.Ed course. But according to the provisions of the new education policy, after 2030, only those teachers will be recruited in schools who have done the new ITEP 4-year B.Ed course. 2 year B.Ed will also run, but it will be used for higher education.

What is ITEP course?

ITEP, which was notified on 26 October 2021, is a 4-year dual-composite undergraduate degree leading to B.A. B.Ed./ B.Sc B.Ed. / and B.Com B.Ed. Offers courses. This course will prepare teachers for the 4 stages of the new school education system given under the New Education Policy, i.e. Foundational, Preparatory, Middle and Secondary (5+3+3+4).

See the official notice issued by NCTE regarding 4 year integrated course from here.

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